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So... it's been a while.

I actually came back to 3 messages saying my writing is good. That's always kind of weird to me.

So... how do I describe the last 2 years?

Um, I worked at Toys R Us and an insurance place for a bit, but now I don't.
In exchange for that I got a boyfriend.
Also a Tumblr.

Now you know!

JD Salinger is dead.

So, JD Salinger is dead. Famous writer, most famous for Catcher in the Rye. The up side of his death is he planned for all his unpublished books to get published after his death.

The down side is like, no one seems to have noticed.

And then someone I know pointed out they're all too busy reading Perez Hilton and being stupid.

I never realized it until now, but Perez Hilton is totally the opposite of JD Salinger.

It's been a while!

OH, wow, even longer than I expected. I thought I had at least posted about Chalk Fest.

Herein lies photos!Collapse )
All in all, everything has been pretty cool. I've even been talking to some nice gay boys.

Next up for me is putting together a portfolio. Though a more immediate thing is Beatles Rock Band party!

This was fun!

Tyler Nichols's Dewey Decimal Section:

103 Dictionaries & encyclopedias

Tyler Nichols = 052584938529 = 052+584+938+529 = 2103

100 Philosophy & Psychology

Books on metaphysics, logic, ethics and philosophy.

What it says about you:
You're a careful thinker, but your life can be complicated and hard for others to understand at times. You try to explain things and strive to express yourself.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com

But wait, there's more!

Tyler Nichols's Dewey Decimal Section:

194 Philosophy of France

Tyler Nichols's birthday: 12/07/1987 = 1207+1987 = 3194

100 Philosophy & Psychology

Books on metaphysics, logic, ethics and philosophy.

What it says about you:
You're a careful thinker, but your life can be complicated and hard for others to understand at times. You try to explain things and strive to express yourself.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com

I feel it's pretty accurate, and it puts me in a nice comfy spot in books.

Ugh, I'm going out to the bar again later tonight. And Austin has to work tomorrow so I can't sneak him in. D: But I'll karaoke it up, and maybe ignore that someone I don't totally like will be there. Who I'm also moving in with. Urgh.

Is moving!

I'm 99% sure on this too!  I'm not moving far though, just to Eau Claire.  It's a duplex by Bolinger field (I figure you might remember that maybe possibly Chels?)

And only $275 a month to start!  Which is only $70 more than if we managed to get another person in on it.  Sadly that'll get jacked up  to $412 come the school year.  I'm moving in with Kyle & Pheng!  I get to live with an interracial gay couple who are so sweet they may just give me diabetes.  But Pheng'll have to head back to Milwaukee for one last semester+paid internship, so then it'll just be me and Kyle, and maybe another person if Kyle manages to find another friend who's looking for a place.

But it's a nice place in a nice neighborhood, close to Kyle's work and the school.  Now I just need to find a job and pay back Kyle.

Speaking of jobs, I'm looking into 3:
Some building job which apparently pays $350-$400 a week, that I want real bad but probably won't get.
A job a Shopko, which is also really close to where we're moving.
A casino job in Black River, which I really don't want

In other news, my overheating engine got fixed, but then the gas peddle fell off.  While I was driving.  In the middle of nowhere.  But it was a super easy fix, some cable just popped off.

Ugh, everything is kind of starting to go awesome.  So I'm waiting for something to just come and fuck it up.  Damn do I need these jobs.  Especially come fall.

Ha! New Entry

Muthafuckas, guess who's car is going to finally be fixed this week?

Yea, now I just need a radio, or in the interim a boombox.

Anyways, nothing much.  Kyle's b-day party was fun!  Incidentally, I love UV Grape, and I no longer enjoy frosting.

I've been sketching mostly this past week, after helping mostly Kyle move around.  Motherfuckers are not getting helped again in good faith soon though, apparently e'reyone plans on moving, again.  Yes Junko, I think you and Kyle are farts :P

I also tried pot for the first time!  It was okay, I want to try it again!  Can't try it with Austin though, he's getting drug tested soon for work  =/  He's my "person to try new things with" type of person.  Oh, I also tried smoking with Kyle's sister.  I didn't take it into my lungs, just let it swirl in my mouth.  It tastes okay.

And my headache is finally going away!

Oh!  My sketching was for chalkfest.  I'm trying to experiment with design, but I'm not getting 100% satisfied.  It's in August though, so I have time to work.

Incidentally, this was the entry last year.  The Sun was mostly filled in by Austin, who then ducked out and slept.  Assface.  Mike was there all day and helped with the blending and working out any kinks in my ideas.  And Junko helped fill in quite a bit!  This year I'm hoping to kick more ass.

Copy, paste!

Copy, paste!Collapse )
So I watched the Go-Getter.  It is AMAZING!  And I so loved the music too.  M. Ward is amazing.  Vincent O'Brien is a great song.

And I've been house/dog sitting for my sister.  I hate those dogs so much.  They're so needy, and annoying, and they got off their leashes.  I also took a day to wander around and take pictures, but I can't get the pictures off the micro SD card... awesome.

I bummed Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbados Treasure off my sister.  It is awesome.

And that is that!

Ah, Heroes, you're a lot more like the old Heroes I loved again.

"Viva la libertad -- A Friend."

They have some silly ARG thing.  I had to post that!

Anyways, yea, so it's been getting better and better this volume, and this is before Brian Fuller comes back to kick ass.

And this amuses me to absolutely no end.

I'm also watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes.  It's pretty good.

2 warring sides that span some hundereds of planets are waging war.  It's a lot of space opera stuff.  So far it mostly just follows 2 young commanders on each side, and the officers and politics that revolve around them.  They are of course the typically brilliant young geniuses.  I rather like it though, just because the whole series doesn't pick a side and portray it as good.

Lately I've been wanting to go out and take pictures.  The problem is that every day I want to go it snows.  I don't want snow anymore, go away snow!  And I have to read and return the books I have to the library.  Lame.  They're a couple weeks overdue, and I've only finished one of the ones I've had left.  One is about Mata Hari, one is a book of 3 long poems about having a crush, one is on imaginary animals, and the last is short stories written by gay authors.  So far that's the one I like the most.


It's a great camera, and I'd like to head downtown to use it!  Sadly there's too much snow which means I don't want to.  It was almost gone, and then BAM!  we have snow.

I found my copy of Twilight Princess!   I totally forgot how much of a love/hate relationship I have with the game.  And I can't get the last heart piece because I can't beat that stupid Yeti race thing, but I was so close to having all hearts!  Now all I need to do is find my copy of Wind Waker.  And I think I'll get Pikmin when it comes out again for the Wii, it should only be $20.

Last Wednesday (that is to say, 2 weeks ago) I went to see my dad play guitar in La Crosse.  It wasn't too bad.  I was really bummed we didn't have time to head over to Toys R Us down there though.  It's totally dorky, but I really like Mighty Muggs.  And apparently come fall they'll be exclusive to Toys R Us.  Which sucks because the nearest one is several hours away.

My Junk

So I saw Spring Awakening.

Fan. Tas.  Tic.  It was amazing, I loved it and I want to see it again.  And we might see Legally Blonde!  The Musical!  Because it be weird to be hyped to see the movie.

I also got a new camera today.  OPTICAL ZOOM HO!  I fucking hate just digital zoom, which is all my old camera had.

Anyways, I have to go off and play more Animal Crossing.  As odd as it sounds, I'm trying to play it once a day every day.  Though some days I do have to fudge it, but I play the day and then set the time right.